BRS on Tour, Beach to Brother Running Festival
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Emergency Contact name and phone number *

Is anyone else travelling with you?

This includes partners, kids etc who will be travelling with and staying with you (so you only have to fill out one form per family)
If yes to previous, tell us their names.

What type of accommodation would you like?

If you book with us you will get 10% off rates and be with the team. Check out the options at

Want to join us for dinner of the first night? Add dinner on first night to my invoice please, $10, $5 for kids *

If yes to previous, how many? Ages of kids?

Add post race brunch to my invoice thanks, $10, $5 for kids

If yes to previous, how many? Ages of kids?

Any dietary requirements

Do you want a BRS on Tour singlet or T'shirt?

If yes to previous,please list uniform quantity, type, gender, and sizes

I understand travel Insurance is my own responsibility and that my invoice needs to be paid before my BRS on Tour spot can be confirmed and I agree that whatever happens on tour, stays on tour!

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