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MIZUNO 15% off & Test Wear Sessions *

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The Ship Inn 20% meal discounts anytime
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Shoes Feet Gear Store 10% discount off all instore purchases and access to VIP events. *

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RechargeHQ 10% off each massage. *

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I understand and acknowledge the inherent risk of participating in strenuous physical activity and the potential for harm and injury to participants that may result.
I agree that I participate at my own risk and that Brisbane Run Squad and its affiliates shall not be liable for any personal injury, death, loss or damage occasioned by me or any loss or damage occasioned to any of my possessions, whether such liability arises out of any express or implied term of my participation in the training session or at common law or in any other way.
I agree to inform the coaches of any pre-existing injuries which may affect my participation in the training event and/or to immediately report any injury I may suffer whilst participating in this event and the manner of the occurrence of such injury.
I agree to follow the rules and directions of the coaches and understand that any misconduct or refusal by me to follow any direction of the coaches will result in the cancellation of my participation in the exercise without refund and may result in membership review.
I agree that I have consulted with my medical service provider if required to prior to participation in any Brisbane Run Squad organised activities.
Effect of this document I understand that by clicking "I accept" at the end of this document constitutes a complete and unconditional release of all liability of Brisbane Run Squad’s organisers and their associates to the greatest extent allowed by law in the event that I suffer property damage, personal injury, illness or death as a result of participation in the training event.
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